AUSTIN, TX and BELLEVUE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / February 21, 2024 / ExoFusion, a leader in the private fusion energy space, announces breakthroughs in confinement optimization using its Super-XT divertor™, transport barrier optimization, and innovative liquid metal technologies. With these innovations, ExoFusion doubles down on its confinement focus while it continues to enhance its proven ability to power the Commercially Viable Fusion (CVF) ecosystem.

“The Super XT divertor™ is a fundamental step in boosting confinement and managing plasma exhaust. It builds on our previous invention- the Super X divertor – which has been written about extensively, especially as it relates to MAST-U,” said Dr. Michael Kotschenreuther, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of ExoFusion.

“The Super XT divertor is not the only story, though. Our liquid metals advances and transport barrier innovations are fundamental to CVF,” he added.

The team’s previous invention, the Super X divertor, reduced the heat load by tenfold at the divertor area. This breakthrough was chronicled by the MAST Upgrade Team. “The team at ExoFusion created the Super X Divertor which we used for the MAST-Upgrade – this creative solution will be an integral part of future fusion plants,” said Dr. Steven Cowley, Director of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and former Head of the UKAEA.

“From its very inception, ExoFusion has been built on two theses: The first, a scientific thesis, focuses on confinement as the key – oft overlooked – for CVF; the second, a commercial thesis, is that the fastest and most profitable path for the company and the ecosystem to achieve CVF is via invention, innovation, design, simulation, and IP,” said Romi Mahajan, CEO of ExoFusion.

“Today’s announcements, from the Super XT divertor ™ to our fundamental breakthroughs in liquid metals, put us in a powerful position to accelerate the path to CVF. From leadership in confinement to developing PFCs out of novel materials, ExoFusion is determined to play a fundamental role in the ecosystem,” he added.

Team ExoFusion will make a brief announcement regarding these new technologies at the FusionXInvest conference in Cambridge, MA, February 21st. ExoFusion CEO Mahajan and CTO Dr. David Hatch will discuss details at the event.

About ExoFusion

ExoFusion accelerates the path to Commercially Viable Fusion. With the latest science and proprietary innovation in confinement, ExoFusion’s design, and simulations backed by IP, significantly reduces the cost, time, and scale to achieve CVF. Led by world-renowned physicists, technology commercializers, marketers and finance experts, ExoFusion is making significant breakthroughs in the goal to realize CVF.

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Romi Mahajan
CEO ExoFusion
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