ExoFusion is making significant
breakthroughs in realizing
Commercially Viable Fusion (CVF).

ExoFusion accelerates the path to Commercially Viable Fusion. With the latest science and proprietary innovation in confinement, Exofusion’s design, and simulations backed by IP, significantly reduces the cost, time, and scale to achieve CVF.

Led by world-renowned physicists,technology commercializers, marketers andfinance experts, ExoFusion is making  significant breakthroughs in the goal to realize CVF.

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The Super-XT Divertor

Boosts plasmas confinement by an order of magnitude and
Solves the most pressing challenge for toroidal magnetic
confinement: heat exhaust and material erosion.

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Super-XT divertor keeps the plasma at the plasmamaterial boundary very hot (the temperature of the sun).

Uses magnetic fields to disperse the exhaust power far
more than previous concept.

The conventional approach relies on a cold plasma to
manage the heat exhaust (the temperature of a
fluorescent light) which also reduces plasma confinement.

What will it do?

The Super-XT divertor will increase the performance of toroidal fusion devices by over an order of magnitude.

This makes the devices cheaper and easier to develop (more rapid development cycle).

Novel materials

  • ExoFusion is designing novel materials that enable new and improved solutions to the plasma-material boundary challenge.

  • Liquid metals tailor-made for optimal fusion conditions.

Innovative plasma confinement scenarios

  • ExoFusion is developing optimal plasma scenarios that maximize confinement without deleterious side effects.

  • Designed for unique capabilities and constraints of individual devices.

Fusion neutron source

ExoFusion is designing a compact and affordable volumetric fusion neutron source.

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enhance the entire fusion ecosystem.

ExoFusion has three GTM strategies: Consulting, Design, and Licensing. Our patent portfolio drives our ability to simultaneously develop superior reactor designs and enhance other fusion companies’ ability to achieve success and get to market quickly. Our SuperXT Divertor ™ Technology constitutes a step-change in the path to commercially viable fusion.