SEATTLE, WA and AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / July 19, 2023 / ExoFusion, a startup focused on the shortest path to Commercially Viable Fusion (CVF) announces seed funding and ambitious plans for the “Super XT Divertor.” Based in Seattle, WA and Austin, TX, the company will be expanding its focus on IP, licensing, and simulation in the hot area of Fusion. ExoFusion believes that confinement is key to CVF.

ExoFusion was founded by Dr. Michael Kotschenreuther, Dr. Swadesh Mahajan, Dr. David, Hatch-all renowned physicists- and Romi Mahajan, a technology marketer and commercialization expert. Doctors Kotschenreuther and Mahajan invented the Super X Divertor. The company has a series of patents and a strong IP pipeline across divertor technologies, new materials, novel neutron sources, and a variety of other fundamental, fusion-related areas.

“Our company was founded on the notion that plasma confinement is key to CVF and our innovations have advanced the understanding of confinement a great deal,” said Chief Science Officer Mike Kotschenreuther. “Our portfolio of patents, our roadmap, and our focus on simulation and licensing are the underpinnings of a powerful business model that will advance the fusion ecosystem and accelerate the path to CVF,” added CEO Romi Mahajan.

Asset Manager Russ Brown, a seed investor in ExoFusion, said “There are many promising fusion concepts out there, but cost-effective confinement remains a primary roadblock to commercial viability across the industry. ExoFusion’s patented “XF” technologies along with its Super XT Divertor will dramatically increase confinement for multiple concepts, enabling them to be smaller and more affordable-exactly what is needed to make fusion commercially viable.”

The private fusion space has garnered over $6 billion in investment over the past few years as the community seeks a way to provide a low-cost, carbon-mitigating, and relatively unlimited source of baseload power for the energy-hungry planet. ExoFusion welcomes private partnerships and collaboration with public institutions as the path to CVF gets increasingly critical for humanity.

“The team at ExoFusion created the Super X Divertor which we used for the MAST-Upgrade – this creative solution will be an integral part of future fusion plants,” said Dr. Steven Cowley, Director of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and former Head of the UKAEA.

The amount of the seed round remains undisclosed; ExoFusion will be moving towards a larger funding round over the next 12 months.


ExoFusion accelerates the path to Commercially Viable Fusion. With the latest science and proprietary innovation in confinement, ExoFusion’s design, and simulations backed by IP, significantly reduces the cost, time, and scale to achieve CVF. Led by world-renowned physicists, technology commercializers, marketers and finance experts, ExoFusion is making significant breakthroughs in the goal to realize CVF.