BELLEVUE, WA and AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / August 17, 2023 / Fusion Innovator ExoFusion and Fusion AI company Sapientai announce a partnership to develop a data hub from High Performance Computing (HPC) simulations in order to enable AI-driven pathways to Commercially Viable Fusion (CVF). As part of this far-reaching collaboration, both companies will lead a group of like-minded physicists, computer scientists, and data analysts to establish a data framework for aggregating and consolidating wide-ranging simulation data.

“Developing fusion systems produces massive amounts of simulation data, but historically such data sets have disappeared over time or floundered in isolation,” said Dr. David Hatch, Co-Founder and CTO of ExoFusion. “This data hub will consolidate simulation data in a standardized, common repository, which will enable AI-driven exploration and optimization. Sapient AI is the perfect partner for ExoFusion. It’s expertise in fusion data and simulation is a perfect complement to our IP, design, and simulation-first business model,” he added.

“ExoFusion has put together a phenomenal team that’s established a unique and compelling approach to fusion energy. Their cutting edge and rigorous simulation capabilities represent some of the most important tools available for understanding and vetting fusion concepts before spending massive capital on experimental devices,” said Craig Michoski, CEO of Sapientai. Private Fusion companies like ExoFusion have in aggregate received over $6 billion in funding over the last few years signaling the importance of the quest for CVF. Fundamental issues like confinement require cutting-edge science coupled with state-of-the-art engineering and innovations in material science as well.

“As we continue to build the fusion ecosystem and contribute to it via design, simulation, and innovative IP, this partnership provides a boost to our ability to scale computation and data creation/analysis via AI. We are thrilled to partner with Craig Michoski on this vital area,” said ExoFusion CEO Romi Mahajan.

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ExoFusion accelerates the path to Commercially Viable Fusion. With the latest science and proprietary innovation in confinement, ExoFusion’s design, and simulations backed by IP, significantly reduces the cost, time, and scale to achieve CVF. Led by world-renowned physicists, technology commercializers, marketers and
finance experts, ExoFusion is making significant breakthroughs in the goal to realize CVF.

Sapientai LLC combines ML/AI with data-intensive science, notably in fusion energy. They provide versatile software solutions, including off-the-shelf applications as well as tailored services. Established by professionals in physics, mathematics, computer science, and engineering, along with a firm belief in collaboration, Sapientai encourages innovative partnerships to better understand and navigate the complexities of fusion energy. Their approach seeks to offer insights that could be instrumental in advancing the broader goals of the fusion energy community.

Contact: Romi Mahajan, ExoFusion, [email protected]

Contact: Craig Michoski, Sapientai, [email protected]