Dr. Mike Kotschenreuther is an expert on a force of nature. He too is a force of nature.

A world-renowned researcher, theorist, and experimental simulation developer, Kotschenreuther has made a mark for himself in the world of fusion. A prodigy, he started his physics “career” as a 14 year-old at Johns Hopkins and went on to build a remarkable pedigree. He is now an internationally known fusion thinker.

Though he has spent decades at the University of Texas’s Institute for Fusion Studies (IFS), Kotschenreuther doubles as Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of ExoFusion, a leader in the path to Commercially-Viable Fusion (CVF). ExoFusion’s path is heavily IP and Design based. Though the company does not disclose all of its current working arrangements, partnerships, and contracts, its goal is to be a key part of the ecosystem that accelerates CVF.

Dr. Kotschenreuther is animated by two things- the physics and the possible impact CVF can have on humanity. He sees ExoFusion as a unique responsibility and a unique opportunity- to advance science and to offer the world a clean-source of nearly unlimited base-load power.

He’s not a one-trick pony, though. Kotschenreuther is an expert in Martial Arts, with decades of experience both as a practitioner and teacher. He draws many lessons from that endeavor as he leads the team at ExoFusion.

Most of all, he is a wonderful conversationalist and an incisive thinker with opinions on all manner of subjects. He’s kind though impatient but, unlike so many of his intelligence and accomplishments, listens carefully.

A force of nature indeed.